Landscape Management

landscaping designsIn these times of heightened environmental awareness, it is especially important to recognize the value of vigorous turf, quality landscaping and the role each plays in maintaining a balanced environment.


Lancaster Landscapes is dedicated to creating a healthy environment by promoting the growth of better turf and landscapes in a way that is truly compatible with nature.


It’s also important to have a trained eye caring for your property regularly. Plants are living organisms that require a consistent, quality Landscape Maintenance program to reach their potential. Lancaster Landscapes takes maintenance far beyond the usual “mow and blow.”


Through thoughtful program design, careful product selection and use of proven landscape management practices, Lancaster is able to enhance the turf, the landscape and the environment.


Lancaster’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is something that we take great pride in, and something we always include when maintaining your property. Our IPM program combines a variety of pest control measures to reduce the presence and impact of insects and weeds without relying solely on pesticides.


IPM follows these six basic principles:

  1. Avoiding cultural practices such as over watering or poor pruning, which will encourage pests
  2. Selecting plants that will thrive in existing conditions such as sun or shade, wet or dry soil
  3. Use of plants which resist pests
  4. Monitoring for early signs of insect and disease problems
  5. Introduction of a pest’s natural predators
  6. Use of appropriate pesticides only when necessary

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