Commercial Irrigation

Winterization Spring Start-Up Maintenance

Lancaster Landscapes offers extensive irrigation services for a wide variety of commercial and business properties

Front yard water sprinkler system watering a field of grass by a residential streetDo you own a commercial property that has landscaping that needs to be maintained? Lancaster Landscapes has extensive irrigation experience for a wide variety of commercial and business properties.


Watering your lawn by hand or by moving a sprinkler around can take hours. Lancaster Landscapes will design an irrigation system specifically for your property’s lawn and shrubs.


We will take into account the exposure to sun that your property receives, as well as the type of turf and plant material that you have.


Winterization and Spring Start Up are both key aspects of irrigation. They don’t have to be difficult but, as parts of the irrigation process, they are absolutely vital in preserving your landscape.


Most of the tasks fit into a regular course of maintenance and contribute to having a healthy landscape year-round.


Taking a little bit of extra care in the design process and throughout the year preserves your investment in the landscaping and will keep your property healthy long into the future.

For all your commercial landscaping needs.